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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Personalized Health Care in 2013: A Status Report on the Impact of Genomics

The November/December 2013 issue of the NCMJ describes the impact that genomics has had on the practice of medicine in the decade since the full sequencing of the human genome was completed in 2003. Specifically, it reports on how genomics is affecting health care delivery, describes the concept of personalized health care, and discusses the role that genomics plays in such care. The commentaries and sidebars that follow highlight the opportunities and challenges of bringing genomics into clinical practice. Reading these articles will hopefully give clinicians and others a better understanding of the benefits and limitations of genomic technologies. Emerging capabilities, resulting in part from genomic research, are providing an opportunity to move health care from a reactive, disease-focused model to one that is personalized, predictive, proactive, precise, and patient-centered. Genomics and related technologies have already changed many approaches to care, particularly in the field of oncology, and I believe they will help to transform our overall approach to the delivery of health care. With the rapidly accumulating capabilities being developed and the focus on patient-centered and personalized care, I expect that the practice of medicine will become proactive and personalized within the next decade.

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